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Inter-Livery Clay Shoot 2020

WPPB Image Addons
WPPB Image Addons

The annual Inter Livery Clay Shoot, held at Holland and Holland Shooting Grounds, was again attended by a valiant team, representing the Worshipful Company of Bakers

Over a period of 2 days, hundreds of ‘shooters’ from the City Livery movement gainfully blasted away at a wide assortment of permutations of flying clays, flying across the horizon, at break-net speed!

This year, the WCB mustered a team of 3, one of whom had to shoot twice at each stand, to make up for the fourth team member*.

The results were…

An extremely decent overall Equal 29th for the WCB team!

  Liveryman Lewis Freeman achieving a highly worthy equal 28th overall.

Liveryman James Barnett achieving an equally worthy equal 34th overall

Clerk, Lance Whitehouse somehow scraping in at equal 31st overall

*The Master thanks those who represented the WCB at this event and urges any other WCB members or BUF Members to add to our numbers at next year’s event.

(Practice days will be arranged for novices or those who need to hone up their skills. Contact the Clerk)