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Beating the Bounds

The Beating Party

Bakers' Hall is located in the Parish of All Hallows by the Tower.

On 9th May, the Master and Clerk joined parishioners and Curate Jennifer Midgley-Adam to undertake this ancient custom, and mark out the bounds of the Parish, much to the entertainment and bemusement of tourists and passers-by. 

The custom dates back to medieval times, and involves prayers for the protection of those who live and work in the parish. 

A key part of the procession are the Beating Party, composed of selected year 7 and 8 pupils from St Dunstan's College, now located in Catford, but once just round the corner from Bakers' Hall, at Christopher Wren's St Dunstan's Church, now sadly ruined, but an oasis of green amid the business of the City. 

Moving from Boundary to boundary, after a brief introduction and prayers, the pupils beat the boundary lines, to make sure that the boundaries of the parish are never forgotten. 

The South boundary of the parish falls in the middle of the Thames, for which the Beating Party must take to a boat. 

The Thames Boundary
Four Seasons Hotel Boundary
Trinity Square Gardens Boundary