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The Bakers' Company, both directly and with partners, plays an active part in baking industry education in all its forms, to help create rewarding careers for people of all ages.

The three main thrusts are:

  • Through schools and colleges, to introduce baking as a career option, encouraging young people into the profession.
  • To support young people in main stream bakery education
  • To promote training events for both students and individuals working in the industry who are seeking to improve their craft skills. 

Examples of the Company's work can be found in schools, colleges, bakery businesses, allied trades and industry associations throughout the UK, reflecting its commitment to meeting needs across the country, not just in and around London.

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Through its Education and Research Foundation, the Company makes a number of specific awards.

The Bakers' Company Award is made to successful applicants, enabling them to receive high quality craft training in mainland Europe.

The Joseph Award was introduced in 2002, funded from the consolidated bequests so kindly made by the Joseph family over the years. The Joseph Award is presented each year and enables the successful applicant to receive high quality craft training in the UK or mainland Europe.

Details of the Bakers' Company Education and Scholarship Programme are published annually on this website and details can also be found in the Trade Press.

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