Bakers Company

Membership Application Process

  1. Application for the Freedom and the Livery must be made via the Clerk’s Office on the appropriate application form, available above, or from the Clerk’s Office. 
  2. While most applicants are introduced by existing members of the Company, the Membership Committee would be happy to meet anyone who is interested in joining the Worshipful Company of Bakers, particularly those involved in Baking or the Allied Trades.
  3. Where a candidate has sponsors, two Liverymen, one of whom must be a full member of Court, must sign the application form.
  4. The completed form is then returned to the Clerk. The application fee is £100. The Clerk's office will contact applicants to arrange payment.
  5. The Candidate will then be invited to meet the Membership Committee for an informal interview, which can take place either in person at Bakers' Hall, or via Zoom. 
  6. The Membership Committee will consider the application and make a recommendation to the Court for acceptance or otherwise.
  7. If the application is approved, the candidate will be asked to provide proof of identity and pay their Freedom Fine. 
  8. Candidates will be then be invited to Bakers’ Hall for the short Freedom ceremony. These are normally held in the late afternoon in conjunction with Court meetings. A small number of personal guests are most welcome. Candidates are invited to join the Master and other members of the Company for light refreshments after the ceremony. 
  9. Following admission to the Freedom of the Bakers' Company, it is usual for Candidates to apply immediately for the Freedom of the City of London. Holding the Freedom of the City is a prerequisite for joining the Livery. The Clerk will advise on the application process. 
  10. The Freedom is granted at a colourful ceremony in the Chamberlain’s Court to which it is possible to invite guests. Ceremonies can be arranged privately, or in conjunction with other Freemen of the Bakers. 
  11. Once the City Freedom has been received as the Candidate’s name can then go forward to the Court for election to the Livery.
  12. Once election to the Livery has been confirmed by the Court and the Livery Admission Fine is paid, the Freeman is invited to be Clothed in the Livery at a short ceremony. After the ceremony, New Liverymen are invited to dinner as Guests of the Company. 
  13. Once admitted as a Liveryman, it is expected that full support will be given to the Company and Benevolent Fund, by attending events and taking part in general Company life, and through ongoing donations. 
  14. Quarterage (the annual membership fee) is payable yearly by Direct Debit.


(subject to alteration)
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